June 2, 2010

Daylight saving results to be released tomorrow


The results of a survey on a split daylight saving zone for Queensland are expected to be released tomorrow.

About 78,000 people responded to an online poll on whether they would support the introduction of daylight saving in southeast Queensland only.

The survey was undertaken after independent MP Peter Wellington introduced a bill into parliament proposing a referendum be held on the issue.

Premier Anna Bligh said the government was in the final stages of compiling the figures.

"We'll get all of that data to you when it is accurate and make it as public as we can, as early as we can," Ms Bligh said in Brisbane.

Ms Bligh will use the results to develop Labor's position, which will be decided in a caucus meeting next Monday.

It is understood the data will be filtered to get rid of anomalies, such as multiple votes from the one computer, and broken down into regions to discover if there are any trends.

Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek has already said his MPs will vote against the bill.

MPs will not be allowed a conscience vote when the bill is voted upon later in the year, meaning it is almost certainly doomed given senior party members have been downplaying its success.

But questioned on the likelihood of it passing, Ms Bligh said: "I'm not speculating."

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