October 6, 2009

Daylight saving in NSW is no excuse for the ABC to run Overnight radio programs in Queensland on delay

The only good thing about having no daylight saving in Queensland was that Australia Overnights on 612 ABC was an hour earlier.

This year it is on delay 1 hour.

Queensland listeners can no longer call in live to the program and the opportunity of playing the midnight quiz is virtually eliminated as Queenslanders won't realise the quiz is actually over by the time they ring in.

This is a totally woeful decision by the ABC, treating Queenslanders with contempt.

Next, they'll have the cricket on an hour's delay!

What out-of-touch clown came up with this decision?

PAUL TULLY: PaulGTully@gmail.com

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September 4, 2009

Poll shows 80% of Queenslanders support daylight saving

PICS: Daylight saving boost in SEQ
(Courtesy QTQ Channel 9)

An exclusive Channel 9 poll shows 80 percent of Queenslanders now support daylight saving.

Even more extraordinary, 75 percent of those polled would support a trial of daylight saving in Southeast Queensland only.

This massive support for a split time zone overcomes the major stumbling block against daylight saving which has traditionally been the solid opposition in rural and regional Queensland.

Hopefully, the State Government will face up to this issue once and for all and support the 80 percent of voters who support daylight saving.

PAUL TULLY: paul@tully.org.au

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May 10, 2009

Will Queensland ever get daylight saving?

Now that the dust has settled on the state election, it's time for the daylight saving issue to be resurrected.

A split time zone in SEQ would not cost the ALP any votes in regional Queensland and would boost its vote in the southeast corner given that 70% of voters in SEQ support daylight saving.

The LNP must have its hands in both its pockets over this issue given the polarised views on daylight saving of the former Liberal and National Parties.